About me, me and me

Well let’s get started, I was born in Serbia , I am 22 year old, oh stop this is a cliché.

Okay I was born in dangerous times for the Balcans. We survived bombing, the inflation and some other shit.

My story starts in 1998 when my mother and father bought my first computer. In the beginning I used the computer for games only but….
When I got a little older, I started repairing computers of my friends, neighbors... Then I realized that I need to learn to create some applications or games.

Well, this part of my life i call learning.

First i learned Pascal, some fundamentals, because  my mentor told me that is good for me to learn Pascal. However,  i was not delighted with Pascal, so i started learning c and c++.

Today i am web developer, and one day i discover the platform for creating apps, this platform is Sencha. Well, All I can say about the Sencha is that I am very satisfied.


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